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iPhone 4 Verizon

iPhone 4 Verizon (2)

Well it looks like the folks at Apple are at it again.  We have come across some leaked photos, from a very reliable source, of an unreleased iPhone design that may be the Verizon Wireless CDMA version of the current iPhone 4, a redesign of the current iPhone 4, or a new iPhone 5.  The photos shown are all of the metal middle plate, which is the skeleton of the iPhone and pretty much holds everything together.  The biggest difference that we see in the designs are in the antenna…I wonder why.  The new iPhone 5 or Verizon Wireless iPhone has four black bands separating the antennas where as the current iPhone 4 only has three.  Is this a redesign to eliminate or decrease the effects of the attenuation issue the present iPhone 4 has or is it the design Verizon Wireless needed for its new LTE network?

iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 CDMA

Is this the Verizon Wireless iPhone?

As you can see from our first photo, a side by side comparison of the current iPhone 4 design with the new iPhone design, the current iPhone 4 is missing the black band on its top left hand side and its vibrate switch and volume keys are positioned slightly higher on the frame as compared to the new design.

iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 CDMA?

This next photo is of the bottom and lower right hand side of the iPhones and there appear to be no differences here.  They both look to have the black band and sim card slot in the same location.  The traditional iPhone 30 pin dock connector, speaker, microphone and bottom screws appear to be in the same positions as well.

Is this the next generation iPhone...the iPhone 5?

This photo gives a better view of the right hand side of the iPhones and you can clearly see that the new iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone has a black band at the top.  Another interesting point about the new iPhone design is the sim card slot remains.  This is extremely important because if this is truly for the Verizon network it will most likely be a World iPhone, dual-mode iPhone, or LTE iPhone.  Pretty sweet.

iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone?

And finally what we have in this photo is a shot of the top of the current iPhone 4 and the unknown iPhone.  As you can see the tops look identical except for the black band that is on the current iPhone 4 but is missing from the iPhone 5 or Verizon Wireless iPhone.  Also you can see from this angle the black band on the top right hand side of the new iPhone that is missing from the current iPhone 4.

So tell us what you think.  Are these photos legit?  Will Verizon Wireless be releasing an iPhone that can run on their new LTE network?  Or is this just a redesign of the current iPhone?


Hey everyone. Well as far as we know we are the first group to repair a cracked screen on the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4. To our surprise a customer brought in her damaged Verizon iPhone 4 16GB with a cracked front glass today. I believe she said she had it for an entire day before this happened. She came to us because she had no insurance on the iPhone and both Verizon and Apple told her it could not be repaired…she would have to buy a new one. That would cost $599 plus tax. Well being the medics that we are we were up to the challenge and wanted to be the first to do this repair…and we did it! Great job Robby. So if you get the Verizon iPhone 4 and crack your front screen contact us and we can repair it for you. And remember you saw it here first! Check out the video.

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